Talent Way is an overseas talent introduction organization set up with authorization from the Anhui Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. It is specialized in introduction of talents throughout the world. This includes: Education experts, disciplinary teachers, high-end technology talents, international coaches and players, international education and training development, international cultural exchange, international sports development, work to meet the demands for promotion of local technology innovation, engagement with overseas advanced resources, elevation of international education level, and integration of international education resources. We have set up workstations in UK, USA, Australia and Canada. Talent Way has become an Overseas Talent Introduction Workstation of Anhui Province and is authorized by Anhui Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs under the Document No. AH-FE-2018-10. 

Website: http://www.talentway-edu.com/index.php

Official WeChat ID: Talent Way

Telephone: 0551 - 6466 - 6942

E-mail: cgwj@talentway-edu.com

Address: Floor 27, Block C, New Land Center, Qimen Road, Administration District, Hefei, China 

We are proud to be Partnered with the following institutions:

1  Anhui Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs

2  British Embassy Culture and Education Department

3 Cambridge University English Teacher Training Center

4 Nanjing Foreign Language School

5 Cambridge International Center Of ShangHai Fudan High School

6  Dulwich International High School SuZhou

7 Cambridge International Examinations

8  Cambridge International Center, Beijing Renmin Middle School