Why are we needed? 

Before explaining why we are needed, please allow us to describe what difficult problems you may encounter in China, which we can help you prevent. Allow us to assist you on your amazing experience in China.


1.       Troubles in seek for a job.

You may think that you'll directly contact potential employers without others' help. Here are the risks: Thousands of vacant positions are available daily in China, but are you sure you'll receive the information in a timely manner? Any potential employer would try to display to you a good vision of the future before employing you, but how can you be sure the information is true and valid? Can you negotiate with a potential employer about all details of contract and ensure they'll never breach it? Can you communicate with your employer to strive for your benefits when any trouble occurs due to any issues within contract?

For all these reasons, a third party is necessary for help. Here the "third party" includes various agencies, whether small or large-size, and some of them are agencies disguised as employers, while others are sub-agencies, and in each case, they are essentially profit-driven. Generally a normal agency will not charge you, but the risk lies: it is likely that they won't verify whether information provided by potential employer is true, or will deliberately fabricate information that meets your expectations so that you would start work soon and pay them brokerage as they like, but they will take no liability to you under the agent agreement no matter what happens to you in future.


2.       Troubles in work.

According to our surveys, foreign teachers often have the following problems with their work: be required to provide service beyond the employment contract (e.g. additional English salon or other activities to be attended by a foreign teacher, but weekly number of these activities to be attended is not specified in the contract), overdue payment of wages (for various reasons such as your leave or their financial strain), sudden close-down (which is the worst case and often occurs in some small-size training agencies, and you're likely to be out of contact with your boss), various reports or complaints (due to breach or violation, which is annoying since there is fierce competition in the industry), poor engagement (even some agencies are disqualified for services to foreign workers, and know little about visa or work permit, or even specific training activities). 


Our services

What makes our service unique, we are an overseas workstation set up with authorization of the government, and we won't do anything that can create any issues for our employees. As per the government's requirements and laws, we will:


1.       Ensure any information is true and valid. We’ll carefully check and verify any information provided by potential employer, such as company profile, your potential wage, lodging and air ticket allowances, visa application and working hours, to ensure no fraud would be committed.

2.       Carry on effective interview. A tripartite interview among you, your potential employer and us will be carried on, and related interview record will be maintained to ensure any commitment made by the potential employer is documented, and any questions in the interview will be answered correctly.

3.       Execute a contract to your satisfaction. We will assist you in verifying any information and making effective communication during execution of the contract, to ensure all details of the contract will meet your expectations and avoid any term or condition which may cause ambiguity or inconvenience to you. Also, it is important to us that we make every effort to protect your benefits.

4.       Provide follow-up services. We will make CTE-/CIP-based cooperation. For CTE projects, we will provide full-course services, just like the trade union, to seek for your benefits on behalf of you, not only ensure the potential employer properly performs the terms and conditions of contract, but also provide various services from visa application, through insurance and cultural experience, and make you feel at home. As for CIP projects, though we just make recommendation, we will, besides the foregoing, be your partner to strive for your legal rights and benefits when you are treated unfairly.