We provide door to door high quality foreign affairs services!

We provide door to door high quality foreign affairs services!


In the process of the introduction of cultural and educational experts, Most of school recruiters are in the lack of experience of employing personnel, leading to a long and complex communication. The recruiting agency market is so chaotic that the quality of foreign affairs services cannot be guaranteed. However, Talent Way Overseas Intelligence Station strictly abides by the policies and guidelines of the Foreign Experts Bureau and other relevant departments, and abides by its commitments. Recently, we has successfully sent a large number of qualified cultural and educational experts to all parts of the country. The success stems from the commitment that Talent Way has always adhered to- door to door high quality foreign affairs.

Talent Way makes full use of its rich overseas channels and directly recruits high-quality native language education experts. Before recommending to the employer, the professional recruiting team review teachers’ information one by one to ensure that the foreign teachers will not encounter obstacles when they apply for work permits. In addition, no matter what parts of China the teachers arrive at, our strong foreign affairs team will send our specialists to pick them up at the airport, provide them with accommodation, and accompany them throughout the process until they meet their school staff.

This high-quality service, although it requires a lot of effort, has achieved good results in regulating market behavior and improving the credibility of overseas intelligent workstations. Talent Way will continue to uphold, optimize and enhance the quality of foreign affairs services. By creating a good external environment, it will respond better and more accurately to the policy guidelines of the Chinese government, which will be faster and more standardized to meet the market demand.

Talent Way is an overseas intelligence workstation established by the Foreign Experts Bureau of Anhui Province (the document of Anhui Foreign Experts Bureau “Anhui Foreign special [2018] 10”). It has branches in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, and South Africa. Its international business covers international recruiting talents (high-end scientific and technological talents, cultural and educational experts, international sports coaches and athletes, performing arts talents, management and business talents, etc.), international education and training development, international cultural exchange activities, and international sports.